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Web design & development is a passion of mine. There isn't a day I'm not either working on personal projects or continuing to learn web technologies.

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Japanese Lessons Tokyo
Japanese Lessons Tokyo website image

Built a website that helped a Japanese language teacher avoid going out of business, allowing him to quit his part-time job to focus solely on teaching.

HTML - CSS - jQuery - Animate.css

Photoshop - Photography

XPS Tokyo
XPS Tokyo website image

An exercise in redesigning an old and outdated website, which includes designing a new logo. Done on Wordpress, but the theme was coded completely from scratch using PHP.

Click here to see the original website

HTML - CSS - JS - PHP - Wordpress

Photoshop - Photography

Sushi Dev - Blog Site
Tic Tac Toe image

My personal blog site built with Laravel. Integrates a modified pre-built theme with a CMS. Includes WYSIWYG text editor (TinyMCE) and image manager and gallery system (Laravel File Manager).

Laravel - PHP - HTML - CSS - JS

Tic Tac Toe
Tic Tac Toe image

"Street Fighter 2" themed Tic Tac Toe game with variable difficulty modes and two selectable characters. Integrated minimax to create an unwinnable hard mode. Uses sprite maps and animated GIFs for animation, complete with intro video, title screen, character select, etc., to simulate the Street Fighter 2 game experience. Also uses Web Audio API to create seamless looping background music.

HTML - CSS - JS - Web Audio API

Photoshop - Premiere - Audacity

*Works best on Chrome desktop

Simon Game
Simon game image

Spiced up the original Simon game by using Street Fighter 2 themes, music, sound effects, and some animated feedback.

HTML - CSS - JS - Animate.css

Photoshop - Audacity

*Works best on Chrome desktop

Javascript Calculator
Javascript Calculator image

Improved on the original task of creating a Javascript calcultor by increasing decimal precision, making the results always similar to what you would get from a real calculator. Precision is achieved using a Decimal type by integrating decimal.js.

HTML - CSS - JS - Decimal.js

Pomodoro Clock
Pomodoro Clock image

Goes beyond the assignment of building a productivity clock by adding animations and original recorded sound clips to guide the user on the current state of the timer.


Audacity - Audio recording

Design Quotes
Design Quotes website image

A certification project wherein a quote-generating API and Twitter API are integrated to build a random quote machine with Twitter functionality.

HTML - CSS - jQuery - Twitter API

Lorem Ipsum Generator
Duterte Ipsum website image

Inspired by Trump Ipsum, this Lorem Ipsum generator uses some of Philippine President Duterte's ridiculous quotes intersperesed with tech and web design related words.



Wikipedia Viewer
Wikipedia Viewer image

A certification project using the MediaWiki action API to load the introduction text of search entry results.

HTML - CSS - jQuery - MediaWiki action API

Color Game
Color Game image

A game for web designers testing their knowledge of RGB colors. This was an exercise from an online web development bootcamp, and was my first Javascript project.


Markdown Previewer
Markdown Previewer image

My first React project. This is an audited requirement for freeCodeCamp's Front End Libraries certification. Uses the Create React App and marked.js library.

HTML - CSS - JS - React

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