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A rare moment of economy for Tokyo — Good condition used vehicles.


A huge variety of choice and price, so whether you need something to take the kids to school or just a way to get out of town, we can make it happen for you.


We can do all the paperwork for you! We only need two items from you.


  • The “Certified Signature” (see below)
  • The Name & Tel of the agent in charge of your parking space



Required documents to buy a car in Japan


  • Parking Permit
  • Certified Signature (from your embassy)
  • Ininjo (letter of Guarantee)


Required documents to sell a car in Japan


  • Certified Signature (from your embassy)
  • Ininjo (letter of Guarantee)
  • Joto Sho (bill of sale)
  • Valid Jibai Seki (JCI ie Japanese compulsary insurance)
  • Copy of car tax payment



“Certified Signature”


This is a document issued at your embassy. Telephone your embassy to confirm time and price of issuing a certified signature.




A parking space needs to be within two kilometers of your residence. Car parking is a prerequisite for owning a car in Japan.


Jibai Seki


This is the compulsary insurance part required by law to drive your car on the road. If the original form of Jibaiseki is not valid at the time of sale a new one is required to be issued.


Car Tax


If you have not paid you car tax for the year this will need to be paid in order to sell your vehicle.

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